Saturday, January 3, 2015

Why I love Infosys

There is a reason Infy is where it is.

It gave me my first flight.  I felt like a little kid who was using an escalator for the first time.  Up until Mysore happened,  flying on a plane was a distant dream. And post mysore when I checked my pocket,  the 500 bucks I started the trip with were still not finished.

Same is the effect on emotions of thousands of such new recruits who join at Mysore every year.

All the bitterness,  all the frustration of working a shit job for which I don't care at all vanished in a jiffy.

Perhaps God was making up for what all he took away from me in the past one year. I couldn't even beg, some friendships were broken beyond repair. And I was the culprit behind most. Maybe I'm just being too harsh on myself.  But these things happened.  And I did nothing about them. And there was nothing I did to get them back. Sometimes I wonder,  is it too late?

Joining delivery was a good decision.  I could have never survived E&R.  I would have become old and bald with an incredible paunch by the time I reached 25!

The four month bench period didn't do much, except add to my frustration (not having a job and not having work, both mean the same to me)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

CEED 2015 Application Process

After reading through numerous queries each day in my CEED Facebook group, I've decided to publish a blog post to help out with the frustrating CEED Application Process.

NOTE: This process applies to MALE (GEN) Category Applicants who have their valid (final or provisional) degree certificate with them. I have not addressed the queries of those who don't have their qualifying degree proofs yet (2014 pass outs) or OBC/SC/ST candidates. However, such candidates can use this article for general process help. Please note that since I'm writing this article after submitting my application, there are no screenshots and some minute details might be skipped by me. But I'll try to cover as much as I can. Without much further ado, let's proceed :)

But before you go start applying, here are a few tips to keep in mind throughout your process.

1. Read ALL related pages / tabs of the application form CAREFULLY. This includes PHOTO, SIGNATURE and ELIGIBILITY PROOF DOCUMENT upload guidelines.

2. SAVE your data after filling the first two tabs of the form i.e. Personal & Qualification details. The Documents section is auto-saved once you have uploaded the documents successfully.

3. Suppose you have saved your data in first two tabs of the application form and then you decide to complete the process on some other day. When you come back, you might find your sheet blank. DON'T PANIC! Just wait for a few seconds, the data will be auto-populated by the CEED Server. (Reason behind this is technical which I won't cover here). 

4. For any query throughout the process, you may call up CEED Office. Their contact details are provided here.

5. Productivity Step: SAVE your login email, application number, password & SBI Collect Reference Number in a single consolidated mail [OPTIONAL]

If you are looking to apply from scratch, you  may start reading from below steps.

If you are already aware of the process and are looking for solution to a problem, you may scroll down to commonly known issues during CEED Application Process.

Step 1:
Register with the CEED Website.

Step 2: Click "Go to Application Form" on top right corner of your page. Fill in your personal and educational details.

Step 3: Uploading Documents: On this tab, you will see separate links for SAMPLE PHOTOS and UPLOADING DOCUMENTS. I suggest read the SAMPLE PHOTOS page carefully as it contains the guidelines for sizes of the documents required for upload. NOTE DOWN all the required dimensions on a separate page (min/max). This is the part where most people face issues after submission.

 Step 4: Payment through SBI Collect 

What the heck is this! You may ask. 

Many a times, you may have seen in colleges during admissions that you give your admission documents at one counter and the cash counter is separate. You get your documents verified and attested at the admissions counter, go the cash counter, pay there, collect the receipt and show the receipt back to the original admissions counter. This is just that.

Except that, you will not be passing on the entire receipt to CEED, you will be passing on the receipt number, which is the SBI Collect Reference Number.

This is because the CEED website folks have not integrated the payment process within the website, instead they have used the system of their receiving bank (SBI). This system is called SBI Collect.

Before I proceed with the steps, I would advise you to use an SBI ATM / Credit Card for this payment. Other payment methods are definitely available, but not necessarily available round the clock. For example, the net banking feature is disabled on weekends. Moreover, the processing fee with an SBI card is the least (just a few paisa over 11 bucks). 

Steps to pay through SBI Collect

1.      Go to SBI Collect Home page and accept the terms and conditions.
2.      On the next page, for the state box, select MAHARASHTRA. (Since you're paying to IIT Bombay)
3.      For the type of institution, select "Education Institution"
4.      On the next page, select "CEED IIT Bombay" for department name
5.    Select your candidate type
6.      Fill in the payee details on the next page. The "Remarks" field is optional. You may write "CEED Application Fee" if you wish to fill the field.
7.      Confirm all the details
8.      Choose the appropriate payment mode and complete the online payment. You will see a transaction successful page. That is your SBI Collect payment receipt. Note the SBI Collect Reference Number. And save the receipt as an image using the windows snipping tool

Step 5: Finishing the application and submitting it successfully.

1.      Come back to CEED Application Form > Payments tab
2.      Enter your SBI Collect Reference Number. If there is no Bank  Reference Number mentioned in your receipt, write "NA"
3.      Complete other details.
4.      Fill the captcha text. Preview your application.
5.      On the preview page, click "Go to Application Form" on top right of the page. Go to payments tab and click "Submit"

If everything is successful, you should get the message stating that your application was submitted successfully and is now under scrutiny.

Commonly known issues during CEED Application Process


This is required when you have a proper face photo that conforms to all the guidelines mentioned in the SAMPLE PHOTOS page, except it doesn't have a light / white background (which is required).

Below are the steps to whiten the background of your photos:

1. Open in your browser
2. Open your image in pixlr.
3. Select the Wand Tool from the "Tools" box.
4. Click your wand over the background of your image. You will see it selected through the dotted boundary.
5. Click "Edit" menu > "Invert Selection". The selection is now inverted to your face and bust.
6. Press Ctrl + C
7. Open a new blank image and paste your copied foreground on it and save the image. Edit in Paint for dimensions (if required)

Alternatively, after step 5, you can do the following steps:

6a. Click on "Adjustment" menu > "Color Balance" > Maximize all three parameters Viz., Red, Blue & Green Offsets to make it white.
7a. Save the image. Resize it in paint (if required).


a. Open the file in MS Paint for editing
b. Press Ctrl+A
c. Click "Resize" option from the "Image" section of "Home" tab in paint
d. Select "Pixels" option in the "Resize & Skew" box.
e. In the "Resize" section, enter the horizontal dimension as noted down earlier. The vertical dimension will be automatically calculated for you. Just verify that it matches with the acceptable dimensions that you have noted down earlier.
f. Click "File"  > "Save As" > "JPEG Picture" (Not required if your file is already JPEG)
g. Give the file a name and save it.


During my application process, I noticed a very annoying issue.

Even if you enter correct captcha text, it shows an error. (This occurs when you try to preview or submit the application)

Here are some suggested fixes (make sure you save your data in the form before you perform any of these two actions):

1. Clean your browsers cache and history.
2. Change your browser.

In both cases, you will have to re-login into your CEED account, go to the application form and repeat the action. 

Hope this post was helpful in making the CEED Application Process a little less frustrating.

Got anything to add this article? Do let me know in comments :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Headphones. Tricky situations are lot like headphones. You know what is in front of you, you can see how messed up it is. 

But don't lose hope. Because every move you make, every decision that you take in life, is going to take you one step closer to the solution.  

You know, every morning when you sit in your office bus, you untangle your headphones so that you can listen to music. When the journey is finished, you dump it back in your pocket or the bag. And in the evening when you look at it, it is once again a mess. So you start to untangle it all over again. 

Life, is a lot like that, it will never be in the same state for long. Complex situations will become simple, and simple situations will again get complicated. But don't lose hope, whatever it is, it's only temporary :)  

Fight your way through it. Because the solution is not far :-) 

Monday, December 31, 2012

Ciao 2012!! : Summary of Memories

Well.. All said and done.. 2012 is gone!!

And so went a lot of memories.. some bad, some ugly, some good, some nasty.. mostly the negatives.. coz let's face it.. there was hardly anything positive in the past year except the "few days of awakening" in the end days of Mysore training.. or right now towards the end of the year.. :)

Dec 2011 - Feb 18, 2012

My year started on a dark note, I wud say. "Khaali dimaag shaitan ka ghar" as they say... That was my condition..

Feb 20, 2012 Onwards

The Mysore campus... the journey from Bangalore City Railway Station to Infy Mysore Campus.. the mind blowing feeling when I first saw the ultra-magnificent GEC-2 bldg..

and of course, who can forget - B92-348 - what memories in the room!! Not with anyone.. but with myself.. (as always) .. nobody ever came to my room.. It was sad time.. but I still enjoyed being with my"self" while living the Awesome Housekeeping.. I miss those days of comfort :)

5 Awesome Days of PSD in the beautiful ILI bldg

Fun.. Activities.. English..!! (If only Neha Panhalkar would be reading this... :P)

And who can forget Soumya Mishra's "Good for you" comment in the skit :P

Neethi's story for the first time she got drunk.. :P

or Karan's story of his cellphones.. Chinar's "heart-warming" story of how NOT to approach a girl :P LOL :D

When I got the Java Fasttrack

I was happy.. really happy.. had always loved working on Java in my diploma college days.. aah.. the memories of my "calculator".. :D

Not to forget.. the one month tennis training

Took a tennis racquet for the first time in my life... set foot on a tennis court for the first time.. after the month finished, I realized that Tennis is not my sport.. or at least not with the coach I had.. :P

The wait period before the posting

Those were probably the most BEAUTIFUL thirty days of my life.. Thank you my dear friend!! :-) You will always be in my heart no matter where life takes us.. Wish you all the very best in life!! :-)


FU "that" HR.. FU!! :P

Pune E&R Java

The experience is still on... Although, I always have and will probably always be a self-centered guy.. these past 5-6 months have taught me to value people in life.. the lesson began back in March of the year.. got friends in my life to implement those lessons now..

I won't say I'm lucky to have them in my life.. coz "luck" was never in my dictionary.. I have and always will believe in "HARD WORK".. you create your own luck, i believe..

"LOVE" - my confused thoughts on the subject will continue.. Stay Tuned ;)

One thing's for sure... I have learnt.. at least a lil bit.. to love ppl in my life without "conditions" and without any "expectations".. to a certain extent at least.. still learning to be less reactive and more

Artifact Name: Navin Israni 
Version:  v2.0 
Status: WIP ;)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

An Incomplete Feeling

There was a moment,
When you said you cared about me,
And without a moment,
I got lost in thee

You made me laugh,
You made me forget my worries,
You accepted me as me,
Every time I was with you,
I got lost in thee

We met a little,
We chatted a lot,
You were my first real friend,
Coz you let me be the stupid me

I remember you,
I remember your face,
We hardly met,
But everything about you,
I can hardly ever forget

I had no friends,
You were the first,
I wanted to know you,
Oh my darling,
I so loved you!!

- Navin Israni