Saturday, September 21, 2013

Is this what God should be treated like?

Welcome back folks!

It's been almost a year since my last post on this blog. Without wasting much time, let's get to the point.

Today I wanna talk about probably one of the most debated topic in the world - GOD!

Growing up, I was never really bothered to think about God, coz my parents follow a spiritual guru and our philosophy prohibits us from idol worship. So, up until a few months ago, I was a complete atheist, a non-believer of God.

Of course, several years on I have changed. But the basic idea of "God is in your heart, not outside" still remains the same.

This is an incident of about a week ago, when the Ganpati festival was on:

When I was sat down at a restaurant table for dinner, I switched on my radio to listen to some new songs until my order arrived. As I was switching channels, I heard something that disgusted me to the core.

A very popular Radio channel was running a show where they selected one of their listeners to broadcast the Aarti at their home LIVE on Radio. They reached a Girl who said that the Aarti would start in a couple of seconds, which it did. It was pretty clear that they had been waiting.

As sweet the music and sound was, I felt absolutely disgusted at what had just happened. I was shocked and dismayed to see people hold up their prayers just so they could show the world that they are praying. Of course, I switched the channel but the incident made me think -

Is this how God should be treated like?

To get you back in time for some history, the Ganesh festival was revived in 1893 by Lokmanya Tilak as a way to bring Brahmins and Non-Brahmins together against the British colonial rule. In today's ultra-modern world, it serves a similar purpose . It brings people together. People flock to their relatives and friends house (whom they may have not met since several months), just to see their Ganpati. Milne ka bahana (A reason to get together) as they say!

Now, coming back to what I heard on the Radio show. Is this what God supposed to be? A show-off? Yes, a certain degree of show-off is needed to be social, to be popular (which every one desires), but is God supposed to be one of them?

It simply means that the person treats God objectively. But then doesn't religion lose its purpose when it is treated so objectively?

Monday, December 31, 2012

Ciao 2012!! : Summary of Memories

Well.. All said and done.. 2012 is gone!!

And so went a lot of memories.. some bad, some ugly, some good, some nasty.. mostly the negatives.. coz let's face it.. there was hardly anything positive in the past year except the "few days of awakening" in the end days of Mysore training.. or right now towards the end of the year.. :)

Dec 2011 - Feb 18, 2012

My year started on a dark note, I wud say. "Khaali dimaag shaitan ka ghar" as they say... That was my condition..

Feb 20, 2012 Onwards

The Mysore campus... the journey from Bangalore City Railway Station to Infy Mysore Campus.. the mind blowing feeling when I first saw the ultra-magnificent GEC-2 bldg..

and of course, who can forget - B92-348 - what memories in the room!! Not with anyone.. but with myself.. (as always) .. nobody ever came to my room.. It was sad time.. but I still enjoyed being with my"self" while living the Awesome Housekeeping.. I miss those days of comfort :)

5 Awesome Days of PSD in the beautiful ILI bldg

Fun.. Activities.. English..!! (If only Neha Panhalkar would be reading this... :P)

And who can forget Soumya Mishra's "Good for you" comment in the skit :P

Neethi's story for the first time she got drunk.. :P

or Karan's story of his cellphones.. Chinar's "heart-warming" story of how NOT to approach a girl :P LOL :D

When I got the Java Fasttrack

I was happy.. really happy.. had always loved working on Java in my diploma college days.. aah.. the memories of my "calculator".. :D

Not to forget.. the one month tennis training

Took a tennis racquet for the first time in my life... set foot on a tennis court for the first time.. after the month finished, I realized that Tennis is not my sport.. or at least not with the coach I had.. :P

The wait period before the posting

Those were probably the most BEAUTIFUL thirty days of my life.. Thank you my dear friend!! :-) You will always be in my heart no matter where life takes us.. Wish you all the very best in life!! :-)


FU "that" HR.. FU!! :P

Pune E&R Java

The experience is still on... Although, I always have and will probably always be a self-centered guy.. these past 5-6 months have taught me to value people in life.. the lesson began back in March of the year.. got friends in my life to implement those lessons now..

I won't say I'm lucky to have them in my life.. coz "luck" was never in my dictionary.. I have and always will believe in "HARD WORK".. you create your own luck, i believe..

"LOVE" - my confused thoughts on the subject will continue.. Stay Tuned ;)

One thing's for sure... I have learnt.. at least a lil bit.. to love ppl in my life without "conditions" and without any "expectations".. to a certain extent at least.. still learning to be less reactive and more

Artifact Name: Navin Israni 
Version:  v2.0 
Status: WIP ;)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

An Incomplete Feeling

There was a moment,
When you said you cared about me,
And without a moment,
I got lost in thee

You made me laugh,
You made me forget my worries,
You accepted me as me,
Every time I was with you,
I got lost in thee

We met a little,
We chatted a lot,
You were my first real friend,
Coz you let me be the stupid me

I remember you,
I remember your face,
We hardly met,
But everything about you,
I can hardly ever forget

I had no friends,
You were the first,
I wanted to know you,
Oh my darling,
I so loved you!!

- Navin Israni

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Online Resources for "India Against Corruption" Movement and Jan Lokpal Bill

Ok. I take my words back. My friend Vaibhav Tupe has convinced me. I am all on for the movement.

Since I talked about spreading the movement in a more effective way in my last post, I am now sharing a whole host of resources that can help you contribute to the movement.

Online poll version of the Referendum: Facebook Lokpal Poll Page

Official Website: India Against Corruption

Official Facebook Page: India Against Corruption

Official Twitter Page:  Jan Lokpal

Official Comments Website: Lokpal Bill Public Consultation  (Submit and Read Comments)

All the downloads: Download Material (contains full versions of both versions of the bill, Detailed Analysis and Comparison of both in English / Hindi, Pamphlets for Publicity, even a ppt)

All the FAQ regarding the Lokpal Bill: F.A.Q Page

Email your suggestions directly to: Lokpal Bill Consultation

Jan Lokpal Bill described in a Film: A Film on Jan Lokpal Bill

Register as a Volunteer: Jan Lokpal Volunteer Registration Form

I have a request for whoever reads this page. I know you all have your personal things to worry about. But, for once, think about the country you are living in. Corruption has eaten into the very foundation of the country. People have lost their faith in the govt, judiciary and even police. Many of you do not want to join the protest and fast. You need not do that. You can contribute in whatever other little ways possible.

You can start right from your home. Click on the Facebook Jan Lokpal Poll page given here and participate in the referendum. That is the least you can do. Also, you can help spreading this post by sharing it on whatever social forum you find fit. Facebook, Twitter, Digg or whatever. I understand not everyone can come out on the street. But we all can do our bit, can't we?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What lesson Anna Hazare could have learnt from Egypt in his fight against corruption?

Okay, so it's 17th August and Anna Hazare's much publicized fast ended even before it began. 

Thousands of people protested across the country and even courted arrest in Anna's support. But as it is evident, it didn't bring in any change in government's stance and all the protests went wasted.

One big problem with the campaign not bearing any fruit was govenment's stubbornness on the issue. But also, another major reason was lack of information among the common man.

Ask yourself - How many of you know the intricate details of the BOTH the drafts of Jan Lokpal Bill - the one prepared by Team Anna and the one by govt? What is the actual, core difference between them?

I asked myself the same question. I said the govt must also be wanting to curb corruption. I mean, of course, the issue of bringing PM and judiciary under the ambit of the bill was a topic of debate. But the govt must have not made many major changes to Team Anna's draft. That got me thinking. Anna is getting most of his demands met, then why all the fuss?